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It’s partly inspired by Daft Punk’s score for Tron Legacy, which is twisted in that a black entertainment show hired a white person to direct the opening, who hired a Chinese guy to copy some French guys.

I recently got a chance to really stretch my boundaries when Cassie asked me to help write some music for a show open she was working on. Urban Beat Hollywood is a black entertainment news show that’ll be airing on TV One, and we wanted a high-energy open that would be suitable for Cassie’s high-energy editing and shooting style.

We tried a few different concepts for the opening sequence, including a blues open and a minimal piano open, but we ultimately went with the heavily electronic and “glitch-tastic” Daft Punk sound (which the producers seem happy with).

The alternate blues open came about for obvious reasons - the show’s target demographic is a black audience. So we decided to experiment, combining the electronic elements with some jazzy piano and vocal phrases.

And we also tried this even simpler opening, which features just a short minimalistic piano phrase over percussion and bass. We wanted to try using a darker piano tone, and I added a very very soft brush kit underneath it at the beginning just to give it a bit more of an old-school vibe.

In the end though, the Daft Punk electronic version won out, probably because it sounds the most energetic, edgy, and modern out of the options.